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Relaxation & Stress Reduction Products

Discover our collection of spinner rings and spinner necklaces that help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Elevate your daily self-care rituals with Wonder anxiety jewelry. 

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What Is Anxiety Jewelry?

Anxiety jewelry is a type of jewelry designed to help reduce anxiety and promote emotional wellbeing. It typically consists of calming stones and charms that are designed to create a sense of peace and calm the mind. Wearing this type of jewelry has been known to help those suffering from anxiety by providing an outlet for stress relief, calming the mind, and increasing focus and concentration. Wonder anxiety jewelry fits seamlessly into your well-being journey, to be your best self, anytime, anywhere.

What's another name for Anxiety Jewelry?

There are other names to describe anxiety jewelry, it's known as fidget jewelry and spinner jewelry.

Can anxiety jewelry help with anxiety?

Life can be stressful. Research shows that physical activity — even as small as turning rings or stirring coffee — increases levels of neurotransmitters, helping amygdala that govern our senses, decisions, and moods return to its baseline state. Anxiety jewelry that go unnoticed give these movements an outlet, anytime, anywhere.

  • An anchor to the present moment — Rest our attention on anxiety jewelry, and each time the mind wandering or a sense being overwhelmed, simply bring the attention back to the fidgets.
  • A stress relief tool — Each time finding overwhelmed, or finding busy schedules tacking up, take time to pause and rest the mind with soothing motion of anxiety jewelry.
  • A positive daily reminder — Enrich your daily life with spinner rings engraved with mantras or images, bringing a specific mental picture to mind, cultivating a sense of acceptance, and compassion.
  • An energizing companion to inspire you — unleash energy and be empowered with every turn, a constant reminder of the passion it represents.
  • A daily routine & ritual of self-care — A few moments, a simple behavior, indulge in the comforting gesture of anxiety jewelry, finding a routine can help us stay on track and feel empowered.

How does anxiety jewelry work?

  • Pause time

When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a break from the craziness of life and rotate the jewelry to help you calm your mind and steer your day.

  • Small moments in the day

Luxuriating in the soothing motion brings the daily ritual of self-care to your finger, that can lead to calm, acceptance, self-love and compassion.

  • Anytime, anywhere

Subtle and playful elegance the way that goes unnoticed, this is the Wonder jewelry. It's always with you and ready to use whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Daily essentials

A fresh take on classic, a captivating creation for the touch, wear it alone or stacked with other Wonder jewelry, animating your outfit for any occasion.

What is an anxiety ring?

Everyday pieces to be played with, anxiety ring featuring a turning stylish middle band bring energy to your everyday life, to help you get through stressful moments and overwhelming thoughts, and find happiness with each spin. So, they're otherwise known as spinner ring, fidget ring, worry ring, stress ring, and meditation rings. Anxiety ring as the best stress relief ring promises to be a dynamic and energizing companion, whenever you need it, wherever you are. It's a state of mind more than just a piece of jewelry.

On which finger should I wear my anxiety ring?

For maximum benefit, it is recommended to wear your anxiety ring on the finger that allows you to comfortably rotate the beads or bands. Alternatively, you can also move it to your thumb if desired. Whichever finger or thumb you choose, make sure it is comfortable for you.

Use your anxiety ring for maximum benefit – tips & tricks

  • Connect with a positive thought or affirmation each time you spin the ring for a calming effect.
  • Move to a relaxing environment such as your bedroom, office or park.
  • Take deep breaths and stretch your muscles to further relieve stress.
  • Spin the ring at the first sign of anxiety symptoms, rather than waiting for them to become extreme.

With time, you may find yourself instinctively reaching out to the ring every time your anxiety flares up.

How Do I Take Care of My Anxiety Jewelry?

To ensure your anxiety jewelry lasts for a long time, it is important to properly care for it. The best way to take care of your anxiety jewelry is to regularly clean it with a mild soap and water solution, followed by a gentle polishing cloth. Avoid using harsher cleaning solutions or soaking the jewelry in water as these can damage it. Additionally, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and keep the jewelry away from harsh chemicals. Finally, store your jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Anxiety jewelry From Wonder Inspired

Wonder anxiety rings and anxiety necklaces offer all the benefits of traditional sensory tools but are much more discreet and stylish. Relieving your stress has never been easier. Everyone is welcome.

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