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Dr. Deborah Vinall

Dr. Deborah Vinall

Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Writer

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Deborah Vinall is a Doctor of Psychology, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a certified EMDR and Brainspotting practitioner. She specializes in helping individuals heal from traumatic life experiences and painful relationship dynamics. Dr. Vinall is the author of 2 books: Gaslighting: A Step-by-Step Recovery Guide to Heal from Emotional Abuse and Build Healthy Relationships and Trauma Recovery Workbook for Teens.

More about Dr. Deborah

Dr. Deborah is an inspiring example of someone who has worked hard to build a brighter future for herself and her family. From a young age, growing up in a trailer house in the hills of Kelowna, Canada, Deborah was determined to become the first in her family to attend university. Despite facing obstacles such as homelessness and financial difficulty, Deborah persevered and worked hard to attain her Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Psychology degrees. Now, Deborah owns a thriving outpatient private practice, has authored two books, and has deeply fulfilling relationships with friends and family.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Deborah has made it her goal to pursue a well-being lifestyle against today's hustle culture. As a psychotherapist, she has seen the negative affects of burnout on her clients and has cultivated her own balance of striving for personal goals and achieving them. Drawing inspiration from renowned author Brené Brown, Deborah seeks to inspire a movement in which people can release the hierarchical construct of human value and embrace self-care, contentment, and joyful love of self and humankind. With her inspiring story and motivational words, Dr. Deborah is leading the way in creating a brighter future for us all. She was awarded the Sandra Wilson Memorial Grant from the EMDR Research Foundation for her research on the impacts and treatment response of survivors of mass shootings across the USA.


How do you define self-care, and what does it mean to you personally?

Dr. Deborah: Self-care is treating, nurturing,and nourishing yourself as one you love. To me, that means caring for myself with the same love that I have for my own child. This translates into caring first for my physical self through enough sleep, regular exercise, and nourishing foods; for my social self through prioritization of and intentional engagement with treasured friends, and for my mental health through mindfulness, gratitude, and a balanced life of rest and work.

In your opinion, what are some of the most important elements of a successful self-care routine?

Dr. Deborah: Sleep (including a gentle wind-down routine), nutrition (without restriction and self-punishment, but embrace of a healthy variety of foods you enjoy as well as moderate treats), exercise in a form you enjoy, social time with those that matter to you, and restorative time alone are my five cornerstones of a successful self-care routine.

How can individuals integrate self-care into their daily routines, even when they have limited time or resources?

Dr. Deborah: You don't need to go to a spa to enact self-care. Take 60 seconds before you get out of your car at the office to practice deep,slow breath work. Go for a mindful walk in the sunshine on your lunch break. Call a friend (using a wireless connection) while you drive home. End your day with a 10-minute routine of sipping a cup of chamomile or lavender tea and reading a pleasure book with a scented candle nearby. It doesn't require a lot of resources or even a wide-open schedule, just intention. Decide that you matter and live out that truth.


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