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Grace Mackey

Grace Mackey

Licensed Psychotherapist, Chronic Pain Therapist

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Grace Mackey is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapist, and Chronic Pain Practitioner helping Individuals overcome their chronic pain, chronic illness and health anxiety. Grace is dedicated to changing the way chronic health is treated. Through individual and group programs, Grace helps people heal instead of just managing their chronic pain. Through retraining the brain and the nervous system Grace has healed her own chronic pain and is dedicated to helping others do so as well.

More about Grace Mackey

Grace Mackey's journey to helping others live pain-free began with her own experience of struggling with depression and anxiety from a young age. She eventually developed debilitating chronic pain and went through numerous treatments that didn't help. After months of searching and trying different treatments, she decided to take a different approach and look at the connection between mental and physical health. She started to explore how her mind and body were responding to the stress in her life and was able to make the connection between her stress and her body's physical symptoms. With the help of pain reprocessing therapy, she was able to understand and change the way her brain perceives stress and how it perceives pain. She was finally able to heal from the chronic pain she was experiencing.

Now, Grace is dedicated to helping others heal from chronic pain. Through her individual and group programs, her workshops, and other resources, she shares her knowledge and expertise to make these lessons more accessible and help make a bigger impact on the world. Her top five “lifestyle tweaks” to help people become pain-free include taking account of how much stress is in their life, eliminating areas that are making them feel stressed, learning how to retrain their brain when in pain, learning nervous system regulation skills, and not holding themselves back from moving their body.

Grace understands the struggles of living with chronic pain and is passionate about helping others to understand and heal their mental health, just as she did. She hopes to spread awareness of the connection between mental and physical health and provide clients with the skills and tools to truly change their mental health. To follow her work, you can find her at or on IG/tiktok @heal.with.grace.

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