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Spinner Jewelry

The best stress relief ring

Relaxing wrapped around your finger — calm your mind, awaken your senses.

Turn out stress. Turn life on

Sleek, soothing, energizing. Spinner jewelry fits seamlessly into your well-being journey, to be your best self, anytime, anywhere.

Relieving your stress has never been easier

Life can be stressful. Research shows that physical activity — even as small as turning rings or stirring coffee — increases levels of neurotransmitters, helping amygdala that govern our senses, decisions, and moods return to its baseline state. Spinner rings that go unnoticed give these movements an outlet, anytime, anywhere.

  • An anchor to the present moment — Rest our attention on spinner jewelry, and each time the mind wandering or a sense being overwhelmed, simply bring the attention back to the fidgets
  • A stress relief tool — Each time finding overwhelmed, or finding busy schedules tacking up, take time to pause and rest the mind with soothing motion of spinner jewelry
  • A positive daily reminder — Enrich your daily life with spinner rings engraved with mantras or images, bringing a specific mental picture to mind, cultivating a sense of acceptance, and compassion.
  • An energizing companion to inspire you — unleash energy and be empowered with every turn, a constant reminder of the passion it represents.
  • A daily routine & ritual of self-care — A few moments, a simple movement, indulging in the comforting gesture of spinner jewelry, finding a routine can help us stay on track and feel empowered.

How you "relieve stress feeling great"

Pause time

When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a break from the craziness of life and rotate the ring to help you calm your mind and steer your day.

Small moments in the day

Luxuriating in the soothing motion brings the daily ritual of self-care to your finger, that can lead to calm, acceptance, self-love and compassion.

Anytime, anywhere

Subtle and playful elegance the way that goes unnoticed, this is the Wonder ring. It's always with you and ready to use whenever and wherever you need it.

Fashion time

A fresh take on classic, a captivating creation for the touch, wear it alone or stacked with other Wonder jewelry, elevating your style and your energy.

Be your best self

A champion of self-care and diversity. Our mission is to help everyone feel calm, confident and empowered in their own minds.

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