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Who Should Or Shouldn't Wear Black Onyx Jewelry?


  1. What Is Black Onyx?
  2. Black Onyx Meaning
  3. History Of Black Onyx
  4. What Benefits And Healing Properties Does A Black Onyx Stone Have?
  5. So Who Can Wear Black Onyx And Who Shouldn't?
  6. Which Finger To Wear Black Onyx Ring
  7. What Is The Magic Of Wearing Black Onyx Stone?
  8. Final Thoughts About Black Onyx

Are you seeking a way to feel more grounded, calmer, happier and potentially luckier in life? Consider adding black onyx stone to your jewelry collection!

This powerful gem has long been revered by cultures across time for its energy-giving capabilities - and now you can access those benefits too with a chic ring or necklace from Wonder Inspired.

But before you add it to your shopping cart, check out this guide to learn whether black onyx is the right crystal for you - so you can make the most of its unique properties!

What Is Black Onyx?

The onyx gemstone actually comes in many different hues, but the most commonly known one is black. Though historically believed to be the cause of disagreement, this precious black gem is now celebrated for its many positive properties. From grounding oneself to providing a powerful shield of protection, the black onyx can offer both physical and spiritual benefits. It can even be used to establish a harmonious feng shui balance. Truly, the black onyx is a magical stone that has something to offer everyone.

Black Onyx Meaning

The onyx is more than just a stone – it's an energy source of protection, willpower, focus and strength. Those who believe in its powers use it to drive motivation and progress in their lives. The onyx activates the root, solar plexus and third eye chakras, allowing your spirit to be truly grounded to the earth beneath.

The mystical Onyx Stone also radiates a jolt of energy to empower you as you pursue your dreams. It is said that by wearing or carrying it daily, one can protect their aura, warding off negative energies and paving the way for success.

Since the dawn of time, the onyx gemstone has been revered for its powerful protection properties, believed to offer a shield from negative energy and ward off any harm. To this day, it is still renowned as one of the most protective stones out there - a timeless talisman of strength and resilience.

History Of Black Onyx

The mystical ancient and noble stone, Black Onyx, has been revered for centuries by many cultures.

Throughout history, black onyx has been a popular choice for crafting exquisite gemstone jewelry. Dating back to Ancient Greece, this beautiful gemstone is believed to have been used in adornments of high-ranking individuals and even gods!

They also use as the protective amulet from Ancient Greek to Roman. Shamans used it in spiritual work, as well as soldiers adorning their shields and armor in battle. Its powerful energies and beauty have been appreciated for ages.

It is even mentioned in Biblical manuscripts as one of the elements of creation alongside Gold and Resin. Carved into cameos of the Greek gods and heroes, used as stamps and seals, the Black Onyx is a true treasure from the past to nowadays.

What Benefits And Healing Properties Does A Black Onyx Stone Have?

The powerful grounding energy of Black Onyx can help balance and stabilize your life, so you can stay grounded when feeling overwhelmed and drained. With its soothing effects, it helps to dispel stress and creates a more harmonious mind & body experience, creating the perfect balance for a calmer, more peaceful life. Let Onyx be your go-to for instantly relieving negative energy!

  1. It is a protective talisman against evil eye
  2. It assists in managing and controlling emotional responses.
  3. It helps to resist and overcome negative influences and distractions.
  4. It encourages a strong sense of faith.
  5. It promotes the growth and progress of a promising future.

Black Onyx Benefits In Love And Relationships

  1. Increases attraction
  2. Enhances loyalty
  3. Strengthens commitment
  4. Boosts communication
  5. Promotes affection

Black Onyx Benefits In Money And Business

  1. Unleashes hidden potential
  2. Enhances charm and confidence
  3. Heightens intuition
  4. Drives successful outcomes
  5. Guarantees victory in the game

Black Onyx Benefits In Spirit

  1. Neutralizes aggressive energies
  2. Aligns and anchors the earth and higher power
  3. Helps release negative energies and absorbs positive energies
  4. Heals old scars and memories
  5. Promotes true happiness

Black Onyx Benefits In Mental Health

  1. Illuminate inner consciousness
  2. Aids clarity of thoughts
  3. Provides strength and wisdom
  4. Encourages self-reflection
  5. Focuses on goals

So Who Can Wear Black Onyx And Who Shouldn't?

Buying crystals or any recommended item should be carefully considered, as what works for them may not work for you - similar to a great-looking outfit that doesn't quite fit you the same way it fits them. When getting yourself a black onyx, make sure to pay attention to your temperament, mental state, health, and zodiac sign, as these can all influence how the crystal will affect you. Additionally, keep in mind that the quality and color of the stone can vary, so some may be better suited to you than others.

Who Should Wear Black Onyx?

In the realm of astrology, the connection between black onyx and certain zodiac signs, such as Virgo, holds significance. If you happen to be a Virgo, wearing black onyx and its various forms may bring about increased fortune, financial prosperity, and overall happiness in your life. This association between onyx and the Virgo sign is often considered in the world of astrology, suggesting that donning black onyx can potentially enhance these positive aspects for individuals born under this zodiac sign.

Diving deeper into the captivating world of black onyx, let's explore who might be the perfect match for this alluring gemstone. We'll unveil the one-of-a-kind traits and characteristics that make black onyx an extraordinary choice for those looking to harness its power, protection, and undeniable style.
    1. Spiritual Seekers: Those seeking enlightenment and personal growth can benefit from wearing black onyx, as it can help open up the subconscious mind to explore greater understanding and knowledge.
    2. Empaths: Empaths are especially sensitive souls that can be overwhelmed by the emotions of others. Wearing black onyx provides them with protection and creates a shield against absorbing negative energy.
    3. Zodiac Signs: This powerful stone eliminates negativity while intensifying its effects for Virgo, Capricorn and Leo zodiac signs. By wearing Onyx, you stand to discover untold abundance and joy!
    4. Fashion Lovers: Black onyx is an incredibly stylish and timeless gemstone that works well with any outfit. It also represents strength, power, and determination and is perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

Bezel Black Onyx Spinner Ring Gold Plated


  1. Leaders: Leaders can benefit from wearing black onyx as it is said to help promote mental clarity and focus when making important decisions. It can also give them a sense of strength and determination in order to lead with confidence.
  2. Career-Driven People: Those who are highly motivated to succeed in their career can benefit from wearing black onyx, as it is believed to help bring success and financial gain.
  3. Practical Person: Black Onyx is the ideal gemstone for those embracing an orderly lifestyle due to its trigonal crystal system. It provides a clear direction for its users to tackle difficulties and reach their goals without getting overwhelmed.

Wonder black onyx jewelry can effortlessly complement any wardrobe and personal style.

Who Should Not Wear Black Onyx?

Astrologers often warn Geminis to avoid wearing black onyx, as it may create negative effects. If you're a Gemini, it may be best to try the stone on a short-term basis to see how it affects you.

If you're dealing with depression and loneliness, it may also make you feel more isolated and alone. If you decide to try black onyx, make sure to pay attention to your feelings and take breaks as needed.

Which Finger To Wear Black Onyx Ring

The answer to this question entirely depends on your personal style preference. It's an ideal way to make a statement of boldness and confidence with your black onyx ring by flaunting it on either your index or middle finger.

Black Onyx Oval Signet Spinner Ring Titanium


What Is The Magic Of Wearing Black Onyx Stone?

Embrace your life with the supernatural power of the black onyx stone. Enjoy the uplifting effects of this captivating gem, so you can experience the best possible version of yourself and see all of your goals come to life.

Black Onyx In Physical Healing

The energizing properties of Black Onyx make it a powerful ally for your nervous system, improving its ability to collect, process and interpret sensory input. It will sharpen your senses and aid in the healing and treatment of your nerves.

In addition, this stone may help bolster your immune system, aiding in the elimination of waste and promoting the faster regeneration of cells which is essential for optimal health. Furthermore, the strengthening effects of Onyx on the bones and skeletal structure make it an invaluable resource for your overall wellbeing.

Black Onyx In Emotional Healing

The grounding power of the Black Onyx balances the emotions. It soothes the mind and the body and brings harmony even in an overwhelming level of stress. It compels the mind to be more rational and to always be in control of the emotions and that fears and anxiety cannot control the mind. It aims that the body and the mind to be in control, confident and at ease with every decision to be made to lead a more stable life.

In relationships, the black onyx aids in the evaluation of the bond and if it becomes a hindrance in one's goal and strength, it lets go of the connection so that success would be accomplished. It prevents denial from the truth and assists in the emotional process to attain acceptance and move on with no guilt.

Black Onyx In Spiritual Healing

Step onto the spiritual path with Black Onyx Stone and its mighty grounding energy. It will open you up to a stronger connection with your Higher Power and safeguard you from any detrimental forces. With its assistance, you can gain mental clarity and an unbounded willpower, as well as delve into past experiences in order to heal psychological harms. The Black Onyx is a protective talisman of energy and enlightenment that propels you from the depths of darkness back into the light with unshakeable confidence. Let its power guide you to lasting success.

Black Onyx in Meditation

Meditating with Black Onyx can help unlock a powerful connection to both the divine and the Earth. Metaphysically, it helps to focus the mind on higher consciousness, prompting astonishingly insightful visions and intuitive breakthroughs. Additionally, its energy field helps to shield the meditator from distractions and interruptions. Harness the power of Onyx and enjoy the journey to spiritual enlightenment

Final Thoughts About Black Onyx

Unleash your intuition and courage when you don Onyx! Draw upon its power to protect yourself from unhelpful habits and tap into your true potential. Take a chance and experience what this gemstone can do - you may be delighted with the results! For further adventures into the realm of gemstones, discover more here.

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