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Best 12 Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress


  1. How Do Crystals Combat Anxiety and Stress?
  2. What Are the Best 12 Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress?
  3. Crystals for Different Types of Anxiety and Stress

If you're dealing with anxiety and stress, just know you're not alone in this journey. According to the World Health Organization, 264 million people suffer from anxiety or stress disorders worldwide.. And guess what? These disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States,affecting mind-boggling 40 million adults each year, accounting for a whopping 18.1% of the population.

That's where healing crystals come into play. They are like natural tools when it comes to easing anxiety to the curb and relieving stress. In this post, we will dive into crystals and how they can be your anxiety and stress-fighting sidekicks.

How Do Crystals Combat Anxiety and Stress?

Crystals, nature's very own tools for tranquility, are renowned for their remarkable abilities to alleviate stress and anxiety. Their enchanting powers harmonize the mind, body, and soul, fostering an environment teeming with good vibes and balance. They serve as a conduit to being 'grounded,' a state characterized by mental clarity, alignment, and calm.

Many believe these radiant gems interact with our energy fields, uplifting our vibrational energy and dissipating denser, lower vibrations typically associated with ailments. It's as though they absorb and evaporate thick layers of negativity, freeing us from feeling stuck. Amidst stressful times, crystals can provide a comforting presence, whether perceived mentally or experienced tangibly.

  • Healing Crystals for Grounding - Ever feel like your thoughts are floating away like balloons? That's where grounding crystals, like Rose Quartz and Black Onyx, step in. Picture them as anchors, rooting your energy deep into the earth, giving you a sense of stability and connection. It's like planting your feet firmly on the ground during a gusty day. Their earthly energy can help pull you back when life feels a bit too whimsical.
  • Healing Crystals for Calming - Imagine a calming, gentle wave washing over you, replacing your worries with a serene sense of peace. This soothing sensation is what crystals like Amethyst and Moon Stone can bring. Like a warm hug on a tough day, these calming crystals are there to wrap you up in their comforting energy, helping to quiet your racing thoughts and ease your restless spirit.
  • Healing Crystals for Focus - Ever have those days when your to-do list feels endless, and your mind just can't seem to keep up? That's when crystals like Turquoise and Amethyst can become your best friends. They're like your personal cheerleaders, encouraging your mind to stay sharp and focused. It's as if they clear away the mental fog, enabling you to tackle tasks with precision and clarity.
  • Healing Crystals for Awakening - Crystals like Citrine and Lapis Lazuli are your spiritual alarm clocks. They're the roosters crowing at dawn, ushering in new beginnings and possibilities. They stimulate your inner spiritual awareness, nudging you gently to acknowledge and embrace your inner truths. It's like they're opening the blinds, letting the light of self-discovery and enlightenment flood in.

What Are the Best 12 Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Stress?

  1. Amethyst: With its tranquil purple hues, Amethyst is like a comforting cup of tea for your soul. Renowned for its protective, healing, and purifying properties, this gemstone helps to dispel negativity while attracting positive, calming vibes. Ideal for meditation, it encourages spiritual balance and wisdom. To truly unlock its potential, consider wearing one of our Amethyst Spinner Rings, a constant source of soothing energy release with turns, providing an overall sense of spiritual balance throughout your day.

  2. Moonstone: Have you ever wished for a personal lighthouse to guide you through the tumultuous seas of life? That's precisely what Moonstone does. A symbol of inner growth and strength, this stone soothes emotional instability and stress, promoting inspiration and fortune in love and business. Wearing a Wonder Moon Stone Spinner Ring, and let it bring calmness and enhance intuition to your daily life with each spin.

  3. Malachite: Known as the "stone of transformation," Malachite is your personal life coach. It absorbs emotional pain, bringing ease during times of change and fostering personal growth. Wearing our Malachite Spinner Ring can serve as a constant reminder of your resilience and capacity for joy.

  4. Mother of Pearl: Ever feel like you need a protective shield from life's negativity? Mother of Pearl is just the ticket. Known for its stress-relieving properties, this gemstone promotes adaptability, sensitivity, and intuition. Slip on one of our Mother of Pearl Spinner Necklaces to invite a sense of calm and balance into your daily life.

  5. Topaz: Image Topaz as your personal cheerleader, re-motivating and strengthening you while encouraging abundance, wisdom, and enlightenment. Its soothing properties balance your emotions and release stress. A Topaz Spinner Ring can help you keep this positive energy close around your fingertips while removing the healing effect with every turn anytime, anywhere.

  6. Citrine: Imagine Citrine as a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. This stone dissolves doubt and worry, replacing them with warmth, motivation, and clarity. Wearing our Citrine Spinner Ring can be a constant source of unwinding tension and anxiety.

  7. Rose Quartz: Love is the greatest healer, and that's what Rose Quartz is all about. This crystal encourages self-love, creativity, and inspiration, helping you stay present and open-hearted during stressful times. A Rose Quartz Spinner Ring can serve as a symbol of self-respect, trust, and worth.

  8. Lapis Lazuli: Just one look at the deep celestial blues of Lapis Lazuli, and you'll feel a wave of calm wash over you. This gemstone is your personal guide to self-discovery, nudging you to trust your intuition and find your truth. It soothes your worries, encouraging you to rise above the everyday stress and see the bigger picture. With each rotation of our Lapis Lazuli Spinner Ring, you're bathing in a stream of positive energy, letting stress melt away.

  9. Turquoise: Turquoise isn't just a treat for the eyes with its captivating color. This gemstone is a quiet whisper of peace, a nurturing touch of serenity that wraps you in strength and calmness. When life throws a curveball your way, or when you're in need of an energy top-up, our Turquoise Spinner Ring is your wearable oasis of courage and tranquillity.

  10. Black Onyx: Meet Black Onyx, your beacon of tranquility amidst the storm of negative emotions. This gemstone is a reassuring friend, gently helping you to let go of troubling thoughts and situations, while injecting a dose of hope and optimism into your life. Each twist of our Black Onyx Spinner Ring amplifies this emotional healing, allowing you to welcome each new day with a refreshed, positive spirit.

  11. Aquamarine: Aquamarine is like a breath of fresh sea air. It alleviates mental stress and instills a greater sense of calm, especially for those dealing with social or general anxiety. Our Aquamarine Spinner Ring is a gentle reminder of the soothing power of the ocean, guiding you toward healthier and more enjoyable social interactions.

  12. Blue Chalcedony: The gentle, soothing aura of Blue Chalcedony brings relaxation and clarity to an anxious mind. Its positive energy helps strengthen relationships and supports thoughtful decision-making. Blue Chalcedony Spinner Ring is a token of this calming influence, serving as a constant reminder of the stone's tranquil energy with each spin in your daily life.

Crystals for Different Types of Anxiety and Stress

Stress comes in many forms, and each can take a toll on our well-being. Thankfully, crystals with their unique healing properties can offer a helping hand. In this section, we'll match various types of stress with the right healing crystals.

Crystals for the Office Stress Relief

The workplace can be a source of significant stress, with challenges like meeting tight deadlines, managing complex projects, or handling difficult clients. For these moments, Amethyst, known as "the all-purpose stone" can bring serenity. Its tranquil energy enhances focus and wards off negativity. With each turn of our Amethyst Spinner Ring, experience an infusion of calming energy that helps to navigate through workplace challenges more smoothly.

Bezel Amethyst Spinner Ring Titanium


Crystals for Social Anxiety Relief

Social gatherings can be nerve-wracking. This is where Lapis Lazuli comes in - it's known for quieting busy minds and aiding self-expression. Our Lapis Lazuli Spinner Rings have quickly become a favorite among contemporary women. Their subtle, modern design easily elevates your daily look, and each spin releases soothing energy that helps ease social anxiety. They are more than just rings-they're the discreet, stylish ally that boosts your confidence in social situations.


Crystals for Relationship Anxiety Relief

Relationships, while fulfilling, can also bring stress. Rose Quartz, symbolizing love and harmony, can help ease this strain. As you turn our Rose Quartz Spinner Ring, let its nurturing energy enhance trust and understanding in your relationships, promoting peace and harmony.

Bezel Rose Quartz Spinner Ring Gold Plated


Crystals for Coping with the Fear of Change

Change, while a part of life, can often induce fear. Moonstone, a symbol of new beginnings, can help alleviate this fear. Wearing our Moonstone Spinner Ring, each turn enhances stability and inspiration, releasing an energy that encourages embracing change with optimism and strength.


Crystals for Emotional Stress Relief

Dealing with emotional stress can be overwhelming. Mother of Pearl, known for its calming and soothing energy, promotes balance in our emotions. As you spin our Mother of Pearl Spinner Necklace, feel its harmonious energy release into your life, helping you navigate emotional tides with tranquillity.

Mother of Pearl Coin Spinner Necklace Gold Plated

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